Are Location-Based Check-In Apps All Hype?

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According to a survey conducted by Forrester Research, location-based check-in apps may not be all the rage we thought they were.

Out of those surveyed, 70% had never heard of apps like Foursquare and its competitors. From the 30% who claimed they were familiar with such apps, only 5% are active users, and 2% use them weekly.

For businesses who are considering the use of location-basedĀ check-inĀ apps for discounts or loyalty perks, is this a sign to stay away? Not so fast.

The percentage of people from the survey who were unfamiliar with these apps sits at 70% this year, while, last year, that number was up at 84%. These location-based check-in apps are making some headway, and I believe next year we’ll see a dramatic jump in the percentage of active users these services boast. In my own experience, I’m starting to see friends and relatives on services like Foursquare who don’t fit into the early adopter crowd and, in many cases, aren’t on Twitter or some of the other non-Facebook social networks. I see this growth continuing, and not just from friends convincing friends to download the apps, but also due to businesses offering discounts and perks.

Yes, businesses — you might be the reason someone downloads one of these apps and signs up for a service. So, if your business would benefit from offering these types of specials to customers who come to your location, I recommend that you do so.

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