jQuery Mobile 1.0: The First Stable Release

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It’s been over a year since web developers were first introduced to jQuery Mobile. Over that year we have gone through 5 Alpha releases, 3 Betas and 3 Release Candidates. After all that, the development team is proud to announce the first stable release, jQuery Mobile 1.0. Much of the focus has been on performance increases, the team has said it best themselves:

In case you missed the RC3 release earlier this week, we’ve spent a lot of time recently profiling pages to find where we can reduce function calls to speed up page rendering time. The results have been impressive: we’ve managed to speed up the page enhancement time up by 30-50% across all platforms at a minimum compared to RC2. As pages become even more complex, the speedup can increase to roughly 150% which means that enhancement takes far less than half the time it did in RC2. We’re already working on improving touch event responsiveness, page transition and scrolling smoothness and other important factors in upcoming releases so stay tuned.

Another great addition is Theme Roller, a web based system that allows you create custom themes for use with jQuery Mobile. Adobe’s own developer, Tyler Benziger, worked exclusively on the project for over 6 months, crafting his creation into what it is today. You can read more about ThemeRoller in their release announcement.

jQuery Core Compatibility

As of this post, jQuery Mobile only supports jQuery Core 1.6.4, not the recently release 1.7, although that is planned for jQuery Mobile 1.1’s release.

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